Children of Ambition

  • Organized Crime Thrillers

  • Release Date: December 20, 2017

    “Show me a strong woman and I’ll show you the scars on her soul that made her so.”

    Everything I’ve done, everything I will do…no remorse. The world is a vicious place for a woman. It’s even crueler to the daughter of the Ceann na Conairte—discarded, married off, left powerless…

    But I am no ordinary daughter of the mafia.

    Unlike every other mafia family, my mother was Melody Callahan, Bloody Mel, the Don of the Italian Mafia, and the Don didn’t raise some precious mafia princess.
    Bone by bone she broke me first, so no one else could—and bone by bone, I pieced myself back together.

    I am no longer just the daughter.

    I am the Don.

    I am Donatella Aviela Callahan, and there is only one way—my way.

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