Declan + Coraline

You Don’t Find Love; 

It Finds You."

Declan + Coraline takes place two years before the start of the Ruthless People. Twenty-three-year-old Coraline Wilson is fresh out of college and just wants to experience life to the fullest for the first time. On her journey towards self-discovery, she ends up meeting twenty-seven-year-old Declan Callahan. They fall for each other hard and fast…but their families may prove to be problematic…

Coraline Wilson

“Fresh out of college, she returns home that doesn’t feel like a home. With her parent’s gone, she’s left with the only family she has left. I could take their abuse, but I couldn’t take the loneliness. She’s too busy with her head in the cloud she doesn’t see what’s right in front of her face. " – PAM

Declan Callahan

Declan, a privileged and ruthless member of the Irish mafia, knew the moment he saw her that she was the one…but can she handle his life, as a member of the Callahan crime family?

You met them in Ruthless People…

But there story started much earlier…

Liam Callahan

is the closest to Declan, more brothers than cousins and though he doesn’t believe in true love, he respects Declan enough never to stand in his way.

Imani Wilson

is the wild child Wilson and cousin of Coraline. She mostly uses her cousin as an ATM and takes advantage of her.


Imani’s on-again-off-again boyfriend from Southbend, IL.

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