The Untouchables

  • Organized Crime Thrillers

  • Release Date: January 22, 2015

    “One Secret.
    Multiple Casualties.”

    Everything Melody Callahan has ever been told about her past is a lie. Her father lied. Her husband lied. But like all secrets…they come out. Not only is her mother, Aviela, alive but she won’t stop until she tears down everything Liam and Melody have spent the past year building.

    With a new target on their back and the media now focused on their family as the Presidential election approaches, Liam and Melody must fight on two battlefronts. Melody is torn between being in love with Liam and wanting to kill him for lying to her. Being in love and showing love are two different things in her world. Liam wants to do anything to protect his family even if that means hurting the people he loves.

    Family is everything… but what happens when
    they’re out for your blood? Everything they have been through is nothing compared to what is coming…

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